Option A: 1,000fcfa per subject per month.

Option B: 500fcfa per subject per month (must sign up for at least 6 subjects).

Option C. Yearly subscription fee of 45,000fcfa to access a maximum of 10 subjects. Payable in 2 instalments




Option A: 2,000fcfa per subject per month

Option B: 1,500fcfa per subject per month (minimum 3 subjects).

Option C: Yearly subscription fee of 45,000fcfa payable in 2 instalments for up to 4 subjects.


School Offers


For school offers, contact us directly

PLEASE READ OUR FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS prior to registration or enrolment. Here is an excerpt: Article 3.6.3 states: "Each User Account and User Profile are personal and non-transferable. Each Registered User is responsible to retain the secrecy and non-disclosure of such User’s password from third parties. The Platform also highly recommends that a Registered User not allow the access and use of its User Account and User Profile by any third party and not to share their secret password with anyone else". OPEF ACADEMY therefore reserves the right to cancel your subscription forthwith if we have evidence of malpractices and not adhering to our terms and conditions. No refund will be issued in this instance.
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